Alice Down the Healthcare Hole

Alice Down the Healthcare Hole

A Royalty Free Musicalalice4

Poor Alice is mesmerized by a White Rabbit in a lab coat who’s wearing a stethoscope. Curious and naive, she follows him right down the most amazing dark hole into the absurdities of a place called Healthcare Land. Don’t miss the lyrical insanity of the Admitting Department run by Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee or the musical madness of the Dodo Bird who handles insurance coverage.

Thrill to the wonders of the ‘hypocritic oath’ and the terrors of the Mad Hatter and March Hare singing Test Time for Alice in Healthcare Land, a tune bearing an exact resemblance to Springtime for Hitler in Germany. Experience the hallucinogenic powers Big Pharma the Caterpillar, while digesting the coy contra-indications of the Cheshire Cat. Then enjoy the dramatic tension and illogical loop-de-loop of the infamous Queen of Heart Surgeons, who is as determined to remove Alice’s head as she is the dear girl’s heart.

It’s a tart little confection cooked up with a mixture of great music, crazy characters, and political poetry, and just dripping with the kind of satire Lewis Carroll loved to serve.

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