Bodies of Knowledge

Bodies of Knowledge

A full-length feature film script. Comedy.BodiesofKnowledge(1)

By Nancy Hersage and Molly Hersage

Currently under option.

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Ritchie Andersen loses his posh Vegas strip club and a pile of money to a mobster in a poker game. Unable to pay off the debt, he hides out by taking a job as headmaster of a private Connecticut boys’ school–where he promptly hires three of his strippers as classroom teachers.

It’s a real mermaids-out-of-water story and it looks like they’ll never survive. Desperate to keep them teaching and himself off the mafia radar, Ritchie tells his great and gorgeous imposters that educating adolescent boys is not that different from entertaining adolescent men. Just use your strip club techniques to get their attention in the classroom, he advises. They do — and the results are both hilarious and educational — as each of our four misfits learns an important lesson about self-confidence, self-respect and, yes, even love.