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THANKS TO EVERYBODY who nominated my new book on Amazon’s new Kindle Scout program! For those of you who nominated Follow the Dotted Line, you’ll get a free copy of the eBook via email. I hope you’ll read it, (It comes with a money back guarantee, since it’s free.) And PLEASE REVIEW the book; Amazon reader reviews are one of the best marketing tools available to an author.

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ABOUT THE BOOK: A mystery novel about epic family dysfunction.

Andrea Bravos finds herself staring at a Styrofoam burger box filled with her ex’s ashes, which has just arrived via the U.S. mail. At least, that’s what the cryptic note that has arrived along with the box says.

Who these cre-mains really belong to and where they come from are questions that this semi-retired Baby Boomer with an idling mind wants to know. Desperate to strut and fret at least one more good hour upon the stage, Andy ignores the protests of her dubious grown children and sets out to make her life relevant again.

What she finds is an trail of incongruities littered with WWII spies, an ingenious palm reader, the missing purveyor of Cocker Spaniel puppies and a dotted line of clues that stretches from the Fiji Islands to Edinburgh, Scotland.

It’s exactly the challenge the lady needs. And she will joyfully drag her dreadful, mooching nephew and her unflappable accountant along for the ride.


“This is the book Agatha Christie would have written if only
Miss Marple had been an American woman of 57 living in LA
with four adult children and penchant for skinny cigars.”

                                                                        Nancy Hersage

Available now on Amazon. Just search: Nancy Hersage or Follow the Dotted Line

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