Double Cross Dressers Film Script

Double Cross Dressers

Full-length feature comedy by Nancy Hersage and Molly Hersage

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Casper and Lance (20s) have been best friends and chronic failures since the third grade in Trenton, New Jersey. Moving to the South hasn’t improved things. After losing their latest jobs, the boys go into junk food and television meltdown, watching their favorite cable show: surveillance tapes of QuickMart robberies. Convinced they are smarter than the gumbas they’re watching, the boys set out to create the perfect crime. Taking their cue from Cary Grant in To Catch A Thief, they are determined to worm their way into the elegant homes of the local Ladies of the Confederacy and steal their jewels. Their biggest obstacle, of course, is themselves. The solution? Disguise themselves as lovely Cammy Mae Cosmetic salesladies and lift the loot while giving makeovers.

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