Spencer on the Loose Film Script

Spencer on the Loose

Full-length feature comedy by Nancy Hersage and Molly Hersage

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Meet Spencer Larabee: cute, bright and, well—way out of control. Desperate, his Bel Aire parents decide to hire a substitute son from the Relatively Yours Rental Agency for a crucial business luncheon. The incorrigible Spencer is sent off to the Kiddie Kennel for the weekend. It seems like a perfect plan, until our little hero makes a dogged escape and discovers he’s been replaced (by a violin-playing kiss-up in wing tips and a blazer, no less)! It’s enough to make a kid get mad. Or, in this case, get even. In retaliation, Spencer sneaks off to the Relatively Yours Rental Agency to see if he can find a substitute family … and the fun begins.

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