Invent a Better Religion

Let’s Invent a Better Religion

If you’re devoted to your current religion, skip this article.

For the rest of us, here’s a challenge:

Let’s invent a new one. After all, most of the world’s current religions are struggling to keep up with our real time human experience. (Slavery is out; technology is in. Divinity is out; democracy is in. Hell is out; saving the planet is in.)

So, let’s start from scratch. Begin by thinking of 1-3 founding principles you’d like to see in a 21st Century theology. (Keep each to one sentence.) Sent them to me at and I’ll share them.

Then we can move on to other issues, i.e., preferred number of gods, afterlife scenarios and prerequisites for membership.

It’s like crowdsourcing wisdom. If we’re going to believe in something, let’s begin by seeing just what kinds of beliefs meet our standards.

By Nancy Hersage, 5-time national award-winning playwright, writer for NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS, and author of the new mystery novel and spiritual odyssey Follow the Dotted Line on Amazon. For more, visit