Royalty Free Musicals

A Note to Directors and Producers …

These seven musicals are free and at your disposal. The scripts were written by me but most of the songs are drawn from popular, copyrighted music and are meant to be satirical. All of these scripts premiered at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California  and were directed by William Liberatore, drawing nearly 4,000 audience members for each production. The funds from the tickets have been used to underwrite the Gunn High School Choir Program.

We are hoping other public nonprofit organizations will be able to make use of these scripts for similar, not-for-profit productions that will bring as much pleasure as we’ve enjoyed. There are places in each of the scripts to add your own musical numbers that can add to the spirit of the show. If you wish to show your appreciation for the use of the scripts, you can Donate to the Gunn High School Choir.

Nancy Hersage

Menu of Musicals

alice4Alice Down the Healthcare Hole

Poor Alice follows a White Rabbit in a lab coat down the most extraordinary and bizarre rabbit hole in America — the one that leads straight to Healthcare Land. Thrill to the wonders of the ‘hypocritic oath’ and the terrors of the Mad Hatter and March Hare singing Test Time for Alice in Healthcare Land, a tune bearing an exact resemblance to Springtime for Hitler in Germany. Experience the hallucinogenic powers Big Pharma the Caterpillar, while digesting the coy contra-indications of the Cheshire Cat.   Read more …

Download and Save Script: Alice Down the Healthcare Hole

 View a video of the show: Alice: Act 1   and    Alice: Act 2


Totally Gone with the Wind

Designed to out-produce The Producers, Totally Gone with the Wind is the story of two loveable scoundrels who set out to create a Broadway flop by turning an American literary classic into a 1970s Disco Musical disaster.  Don’t miss the fun, as our two low-lifes commission, auditioCivil-Warn and cast a show designed to bring the audience to their feet and send them right out the door. If our producers can close the show on the first night, they can take the investors’ money and run. It seems like a fool-proof plan, especially when the actor playing Scarlet turns out to be a man.

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Download and Save Script: Totally Gone With the Wind

View a video of the show: Totally Gone With the Wind



Heavenly Bandstand

A sweet little love story filled with the wonder and rhythm of 50s and early 60s bubble gum music. Our heroine, high school senior Annette, has fallen asleep in English class. In her dream, she is visited by Johnny Angel, who is desperate to leave his celestial home and return, one more time, to the Top Forty. But in order make it back to earth, he will have to compete on Heavenly Bandstand. A huge audience favorite.  Read more …

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View a video of the show: Heavenly Bandstand



Dickens’ immortal story makes its way into the 21st Century as the infamous Man of Greed is now the head of one of the largest Big Box chains in America.  A terrific show for the holidays. Read more …

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ScroogeMart Act 1

ScroogeMart Act 2



brave4Braveheart and Soul

It’s an evening of MoorTown music, as Scotland’s most famous warrior leads a trio of unforgettable Caledonian nobles — Mac the Knife, Big Mac and Mac and Cheese — against the villainous King Edward Longshanks of England. And it’s all to the tune of the greatest music ever made in Detroit. Read more …

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 View a video of the show: Braveheart and Soul



And Then There Were Nuns


Dorothy and Toto have had enough of Oz. This time the cheeky farm girl from Kansas and her little dog, too, are off to the Big Apple to audition for a Broadway musical. But before the aspiring star can make it to the Great White Way, she stumbles into a mob hit and must be spirited away to a nunnery in the Catskills as part of the NYPD Witness Protection Program. Read more …


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I Want to Hold Your Babushka

The Beatles are kidnapped by two devious Russian Generals on the eve of their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show. It’s a night of singing and dancing espionage that will keep you laughing until you’re 64!

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   View a video of the show: I Want to Hold Your Babushka